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Do your feet need relief? Perhaps you would like to apply heat to your feet, or something cool to your feet? Well, a podiatrist that I know and has treated me for years, has developed a new product called Cool Soles. Actually, these soles can be cool or heated. You put them in the freezer or in your microwave, and then using straps that come with the soles, you apply them to your feet. They cost about $25 and can be ordered directly from the Dr. Rosenberg Cool Soles website at and each package includes a sole for the right foot and the left foot and the straps for application.


Testimonials From Our Happy Customers

My podiatrist really liked the arch supports and would like me to use them in all of my shoes.

Thank you very much.

* * * * *

I had been experiencing foot and hip pain for several months when I decided to see a foot doctor that told me I had fallen arches that would require surgery. I decides to see if I could find some arch supports for my sandals and that is how I discovered the instant arches website. After wearing the foot arches in my sandals for about a week, I noticed my foot and hip pain subsides. I really love the arch supports, I was a little skeptical at first. I thought the arch supports would not stay in place. Much to my surprise, I haven’t had any problems whatsoever. I am so happy with the product that I have placed my second order of six pairs. I definitely would recommend them to anyone experiencing problems with their feet or hips.

* * * * *

“They were a blessing in disguise”

Both were for shoes that would put Sex In the City to shame… I actually lasted approximately 15 or 16 hours.


* * * * *

I wore them again last night and they are great! I will definitely include them in a footwear article soon. They really are wonderful. Thanks so much for sending them!

Jenny Rapson
Editor, Blissful Style, Blissfully Domestic

* * * * *

I just want to say how much I appreciate your Instant Arches®.


* * * * *

I love your product and have had wonderful relief from using them. They were the only thing I found that really worked for me!

Linda Frock

* * * * *

Thanks so much for the product. The instant arches are great and really make my feet feel much better.

Carolyn Livesay

* * * * *

“I tell all my friends about your great product.”

Thank you, Dr. Rosenberg, for your Instant Arches! It is great to have support for my arches in dressy shoes, sandals and flats. I have a flexible arch and could not fit a full size arch support into any of my dressier shoes; they would always slip off my heels. With instant arches I can get the support I need and eliminate foot pain while wearing attractive, dressy shoes. I tell all my friends about your great product.

Thanks again,

Barbara D.
Tucson, Arizona

* * * * *

The Instant Arches have given me relief from Planter Fascities in my feet. They are the only arch support I have found that will comfortably fit in my hi-heels and ballet flats. I’m so happy I don’t have to give up my addiction to gorgeous shoes.

Thanks Instant Arches!
Allison Greene

* * * * *

“They’ve really changed my life!”

I have extremely high arches and was never comfortable in anything other than tennis shoes until I found Dr. Rosenberg’s instant arches. Since then, I’ve added two sets to every pair of my shoes and have felt so much better! They are so easy to use and really stay in place. I don’t know what I would do without them – they’ve really changed my life!

Best wishes and much thanks,

Gilena Simons A Life Imagined

Dr. Rosenberg,

I have to tell you that your product has been such a find for me. I have no arch and had been having problems. Now that I have an arch in all my shoes, the problems that were developing are abating. Thank you.


* * * * *

“I have been bragging about them to everyone.”

Thank you for introducing me to Instant Arches®. They are Amazing!!!. I have been bragging about them to everyone.

T. Tucker, California

* * * * *

“Your Instant Arches® have solved my problems.”

I am writing to let you know how well your Instant Arches® work for my children. The pediatric podiatrist gave them both the clunky plastic inserts that always came home in their book bags. I never knew if they took them out the instant they were in home room or what…. My youngest was still having pains in her foot and leg cramps at night after a 2 month time period so I went to the web in search of more comfortable options.

Your Instant Arches® have solved my problems…they never remove them from their shoes. The arches stay in place and seem to have ended Jacqueline’s night cramps. They are very affordable also. I have put them in every shoe from cleats to school shoes and now with the summer approaching, I will put the arches in their sandals.

Thank you again.

D. Bumgardner, Vienna, VA

* * * * *

“She just swears by them!”

(Her daughter gave them to her, and now she just swears by them.)

J. Gooch, Alabama

* * * * *

“They give me happy feet.”

Dr. Rosenberg’s Instant Arches® have made a world of difference…I no longer am condemned to closed toe shoes in the summer and they work great for my sandals…..they give me “happy feet.”

R. George, Topanga, CA

“I need them in all my shoes!”

Please send me another shipment of Instant Arches®…they’re so wonderful and helpful…I need them in all my shoes!

J. Lane

“Instant Arches® are the greatest.”

Instant Arches® are the greatest. I will pass the word down here.

Jo Anne

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